In order to complement and support our orthopedic acupuncture sessions, we utilize some bodywork, stretching, and exercises in order to restore functional mobility and strength.

Having sought out the most effective bodywork techniques from top teachers around the world, we feel confident that the current blend of methods will bring you fast pain relief with long lasting results by restoring your optimal physical functioning.

Part of the program is to teach self-care exercises, so you can take care of your own physical health without having to depend on anyone for ongoing care, other than occasional maintenance (which the body needs, just like cars need it).

Imbalances in the muscles and fascia can cause strain on the joints, decreased range of motion, and muscles that are tight, weak, or injured. Common causes are acute injuries, such as sports or car accidents, or improper movement patterns, like repetitive stress and desk/computer related injuries. Our treatments work to resolve injuries by restoring balanced function to the muscles and fascia.

We also work with excellent practitioners is the fields of Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, and Massage Therapy to provide a team approach and coordinated care for faster recovery.