Nutritional guidelines and supplementation need to be specific to you as an individual, because everyone has different constitutions. The food we eat and the strength of our digestion and assimilation influences our energy level, immune system, and mental / emotional state.

Some people should be eating a raw food diet based on their constitution (yin deficient: dry and overheated), while others need to eat mostly cooked foods (yang deficient: run cold and depleted). Some need to stay away from certain foods, like sugar or dairy. Others need more specific nutritional guidance from customized dietary analysis by examining the body’s response to certain foods using modern lab techniques.

Cleansing and detoxification are often beneficial for your whole body. Among the most important organ systems in the body are the liver (which has more than 400 documented functions in keeping us well), kidneys (which form the foundation of all energies in the body), lymphatic system, and digestive system. Cleansing and detoxification seeks to restore optimal functioning of these organ systems, which will assist in weight loss, blood sugar stabilization, hormone balancing, and a myriad of other rewarding outcomes.

In our modern world, our relationship with food has so much to do with how well we are managing stress. We easily turn to food for immediate gratification and comfort, which so often points to a deeper imbalance that is taking place in the mind. My goal is to help you work on this level as well, so you can meet all your goals, and make the lasting changes you want.